Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Classics

The Benny – 10.59
Toasted two large English muffins piled with poached eggs and carved ham smothered with hollaindaise sauce and home potato

Guppies Pile-Up – 9.29
Choose two meats: Chorizo, ham, bacon or sausage; one egg (your style) topped with mixed cheese all on a bed of home potatoes

Fast Back Toast – Coupe Size 6.99   Sedan Size 8.99
Specially created loaf with sweet flavors in a custom egg custard (some refer to this as “French Toast”)

B & G – 6.59
Two home baked large biscuits smothered in homemade sausage gravy

The Standard – 8.99
Two eggs any style, choice of meat, with home potatoes and choice of toast

Elcamino Burrito – 7.99
Homemade tortilla stuffed with home potatoes, choice of meat, egg and cheese blend served with fresh salsa

Bad Mamma Jamma – 6.99
On fresh-baked local bread, toasted…raspberry jam, egg any style, choice of meat, choice of cheese, more raspberry jam

Limited Slip – 6.99
One buttermilk vanilla cake or Belgium-style waffle, choice of one meat, one egg any style

Posi Trac – 8.29
One buttermilk vanilla cake or Belgium-style waffle, choice of one meat (2 pieces), two eggs any style

Too High – 5.99
Two buttermilk cakes or two waffles Belgium-style served with “HotRod Harley Oil”


  • Sour Cream – .99
  • Bacon – 2.29
  • Ham – 2.29
  • Chorizo – 2.29
  • Two Link Sausage 2.29 Four 4.29
  • One Egg – 1.39
  • Cottage Cheese – 1.39
  • Toast (Wheat, Rye, Sourdough) – 2.29
  • English Muffin – 2.29
  • Biscuit – 2.29
  • Gravy – 2.29
  • Holly Sauce – 2.29
  • Avocado – 1.29
  • Fresh Fruit Jam – 1.00


Rat Rod Cheese – 7.99
Two egg omelette stuffed with a three cheese blend…worthy of a hungry rat

Hoosier Ham – 8.99
Two egg omelette stuffed full of carved ham and three cheese blend

Suicide Sausage – 9.29
Two egg omelette jammed full of sausage and cheese

Bomber Bacon – 8.99
Two egg omelette jammed full of smoked bacon and three cheeses

Sassy Flora – 10.59
Two egg omelette stuffed with fresh Jack cheese, spinach & artichoke hearts, tomato…topped with homemade hollandaise sauce

Big Papa – 11.29
Two egg omelette stuffed with carved ham, smoked bacon, sausage, peppers, onions and cheese blend

Big Texan – 11.29
Two egg omelette stuffed with peppers, onion, bacon and house made chili, topped with house made chili

Tommy Boy – 8.99
Two egg omelette stuffed with bacon, fresh tomato, Swiss cheese, fresh mushroom

Full build – 11.29
Two egg omelette, choice of three stuffers at no charge, or add a few more to make it a custom build for .99 each….. Stuffers: ham, bacon, chorizo, sausage, mix cheese, salsa, mushroom, spinach, tomato, pepper and onion mix, avocado, sour cream

Little Tykes and Easy Riders

Charming Or Not? – 4.99
A bowl of your choice cold cereal served with either 2%, regular, or chocolate milk

Beverly Hillbilly – 5.99
A bowl of oats served with craisins or walnuts or both; choice of honey or b.s.

One Eyed Willy – 5.99
One slice of locally baked toast with egg fried in the middle. Served with home potatoes. Add cheese .99

The Wally on the Beav – 4.99
Your choice of one buttermilk hot cake – or – one Belgium-style waffle. Served with butter and “HotRod Harley Oil”